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Mega Parasect by GodRobertsCousin Mega Parasect by GodRobertsCousin
Mega Parasect
Type: Bug/Grass
Ability: Infect Spore*
Accessed by giving Parasect a Parasectite.

HP: 60 (+0) -> 60
Attack: 95 (+20) -> 115
Defense: 80 (+45) -> 125
Special Attack: 60 (+0) -> 60
Special Defense: 80 (+45) -> 125
Speed: 30 (-10) -> 20
Base Stat Total: 505

Infect Spore - Damaging the foe with a physical contact move will also place a Leech Seed on them.

The mushroom takes over not only the Parasect's mind, but starts to root itself through the central nervous system as well. Because of this, the yellow spots have grown out into their own stems, and several fungi stems can be seen coming out of Parasect's legs and claws. This makes it a lot bulkier, but even slower in exchange for it. I found that pretty much every Mega Parasect out there either looks too drastically different or too much the same, so I made an attempt at my own. Could have been worse, that's for sure.

Competitively, even for a Mega Pokemon, this thing's stats are lower than the regular forms of most starter Pokemon. To make up for this, I gave it an arguably broken ability that only something like Parasect would make sense to have. Every time it hits its opponent with X-Scissor, it now grants additional gradual damage to the opponent while healing it, which compliments its high defenses and low health perfectly. Combine this with Spore to force an opponent to switch and Substitute to monopolize its bulk and healing, and we suddenly have a very annoying Bug-type. Even if it has to run away from Fire or Flying-type opponents, that Leech Seed it likely left on the opponent will be great news for the next Pokemon you switch in instead. What a little scamp!
Moserao Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Wow, this is so good. Really love the multiple shrooms that make it up. Really smart.
Cheeyev Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
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June 25, 2014
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